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BRASSERIE @ Hillside

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`` We don't live to eat...we eat to live...and like to live well ``

We source our food and ingredients from responsible artisan local producers, if not having a go producing it ourselves.

We believe in craftmanship and the pleasure of producing tasty, energizing good looking dishes.
When fish are taken out of the sea, egg from the hen or a vegetable out of the ground - we belive this should be respected with careful preparation and a booked meal.

We cook for those who book...representing the respect for the booking, as well as the ingredients and time put in to the meal.

We use fridges and freezers, but not for supplies from a midland factory trying to reach the island.

Brasserie @ Hillside offers breakfast, coffee, tea &cake, wines, drinks &nibbles complementing the artisan menu using our own and locally sourced produce.

The Brasserie accommodates for the occasion of being the 2 of you, a group of friends and / or an occasion to celibrate in offering special menus designed to suit you and ensure a lovely event.

All dishes are freshly prepared to order and our varied menu offers Brasserie type dishes which change in step with the seasons.

A great place to meet up with friends and family for a lovely time with food and drinks.

We cook for those who book - so please give us notice of your intentions, preferably before too late, and we would love to serve you!