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 Brasserie @ Hillside

Hillside Brasserie offers breakfast 8-930 am. 

Coffee, tea &cake, wines, drinks &nibbles complementing the artisan menu using our own and locally sourced produce 3 to 8pm. 

Every day.

Hillside Brasserie accommodates for the occasion of beeing the 2 of you, a group of friends and / or an occasion to celibrate in offering special menus designed to suit you and ensure a lovely event.

All dishes are freshly prepared to order and our varied menu offers light Brasserie type dishes which change in step with the seasons.

Click For Menu !!!

A great place to meet up with friends and family for a lovely time with food and drinks.

We cook for those who book - so please give us notice of your intentions, preferably before too late, and we would love to serve you!

Ventnor is know for its eateries, we are happy to recommend: 

The Bistro, Downtown Ventnor
In the heart of Ventnor only a few yards from the sea you'll find The Bistro at Pier Street 30.

See, hear and smell what's going on in the open plan kitchen serving traditional bistro style dishes.

Booking recommended. 

The Bistro sources all their ingredients locally;and Andy is a great Chef ! He told us himself!

Call Jane &Andy on 01983 853334 to book your table.

Thompson's, Newport
Robert Thompson's first solo restaurant:
Thompson's, a contemporary 'chef table' restaurant offering a modern British menu inspired by both the flavours of the island and Robert's own experiences.
Book your table or explore the latest menu.

The Taverners, Godshill
The Taverners is what all good pubs should be:great local food, a good sprinkling of hoe-wielding locals, and a glass of something decent to drink in its generous beer garden. The Taverners buy their produce daily depending on what is available at the markets, farms &what has been caught, foraged, shot or hunted - or given by a neighbour.. A large sign outside requests homegrown fruit and veg. There's even a food miles board that tells you how far the ingredients have travelled: "Cherries 200 yards.. Only Brasserie @ Hillside beats that.. every year!! but not many fruits last year though.. 

In season - out of season.. we also know where (not) to go - please ask..